Kilogram Box is a Film Production Company and Creative Arts Studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded by Anna Escurriola and Carles Cardelús, it has since its inception demonstrated its commitment to innovative ideas, financial independence and artistic and ethical integrity.

Kilogram Box is formed of a dynamic company that has collaborated on publicity for prominent brands such as Ikea, Freixenet, President and Tampax, and on branding and identity design for the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Danone, Sanofi and the NGO Observatori DESC.

Through film, Kilogram Box seeks to show the rich cultural heritage of the planet, and with many unique communities at risk or on the brink of extinction, this in an urgent and vital task. The studio collaborates with these endangered communities, giving them global visibility and the opportunity to explain their lives and the difficulties they face in their own words. In this way, Kilogram Box is pledged to empower, defend and protect vulnerable members of our world.

The first instalment was the award-winning Socotra: The Hidden Land, that captured the lives of people living in the remote island community off the coast of the Horn of Africa. It revealed how the arrival of capitalism and the influence of Islamic religious institutions were having drastic effects upon the traditional centuries-old culture and contributing to the loss of ancestral beliefs.

SOCOTRA: THE HIDDEN LAND is a Kilogram Box production in association with Ignite Channel.

Ignite Channel
produces and distributes film and media about our changing society and environment. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded by Steve Brown, Ignite Channel produces several documentaries a year. Steve Brown’s first film, SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY, premiered in 2013 at the renowned SXSW festival before theatrical release and distribution on Showtime, Netflix and video-on-demand.